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How to find CFParker, a leading manufacturer of professional grills and stoves

From the toll road A4 "MILAN-VENICE", in the Vicenza area, take the A31 "VALDASTICO", exit at DUEVILLE, out of the toll road, turn left towards Bassano. Continue for approx. 2 km untill you see the sign for Sarcedo and you turn left. Go through the center of the town towards the industrial zone of SARCEDO. PARKER S.r.l. is situated on the right, before the industrial zone.


Nearest railway stations:
Thiene 3 Km - Bassano 15 Km- Vicenza 18 Km


Venice (Marco Polo) Km 80 60 minutes
Milan Linate Km 220 140 minutes
Milan Malpensa Km 260 180 minutes
Verona (Catullo) Km 70 50 minutes

how to reach the cfparker