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PARKER products have been a market force since 1958. The secret of their success is constant commitment, attention both to quality and safety, innovative production processes and good customer relations based on mutual trust and co-operation.
After more than 50 years of experience, CF Parker is able to offer a full range of products:
gas stoves
electric stoves
induction stoves
ceramicglass stoves
grill and camping barbecue.
The company's new ultra-modern offices boast extensive space for visitors, including a large meeting room and show-room where the vast range of PARKER products is on display.
Based in Sarcedo, in Vicenza province, one of the Veneto region's most advanced industrialised areas, FRATELLI PARKER S.r.l.'s plant has been extended in recent years to make it even more efficent and rational; the elegant, practical exterior design has been kept throughout.

CFParker offices CFParker offices
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